Second hand Callaway

Callaway are the most popular and respected manufacture of quality golf clubs. If you take the sport of golf seriously I'd be surprised if you didn't have a callaway club in your golfing arsenal.

If you want a wedge, Hawk Eye, Steelhead or a Big Bertha drive buying a second hand callaway golf club is the cheapest way to get started.

If you can't afford to employ a caddy (like most people) or a full set of Callaway clubs you could always get a Callaway golf bag as the ultimate golfing fashion accessory.

Like with many goods a second hand Callaway can probably be found on ebay and better still you can register free. ( UK UK cousin )

Callaway Buying Tips

  1. Delivery can be tricky. Your postie isn't famous for handling stuff with care and wakeboards can be tricky to hold firmly during transport.
  2. A spare Callaway is a good idea. Delivery fees for a second second hand Callaway shouldn't be much more than that of a single pre-owned board so try snap up a combo if you can.
  3. Just because a company makes good training shoes does not mean it makes good Callaways
  4. Don't purely base your purchase decision on brand look at other alternatives
  5. Make sure you are going to keep interested in the sport before spending serious money on equipment
  6. Some Callaways are different for left handed players so ensure you get the right sort
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Callaway Selling Tips

The following sample adverts are based on those found in the classified section of various local newspapers. If you are thinking of putting your up for sale you can base your ad on any of the following.
Callaway for sale
Only used once, unwanted present
Closing Down Sale
All Callaways must go, will sell as cheap as chips
Closing down sale, great prices
Second hand Callaway
Due to new purchase we are selling of this Callaway
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